comScore Conservative Twitter Split Over Carly Fiorina's Support for Megyn Kelly

Conservative Twitter Split Over Carly Fiorina’s Support for Megyn Kelly

Carly Fiorina took to Twitter to express her displeasure with Donald Trump‘s post-debate comments about Megyn Kelly‘s incessant “bleeding” on Friday night. Specifically, she said Trump had no excuse, and that she would “stand with Megyn Kelly.” Many across the political spectrum have voiced their support for both Fiorina and Kelly. However, the annals of conservative social media are visibly split on the matter.

Come Saturday morning, a few of Fiorina’s fellow GOP candidates offered their tweeted support for her statements and for Kelly. Perhaps the most surprising was the brief vote of confidence from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker:

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, a frequent verbal combatant of Trump’s, also chimed in with some harsh words for the businessman:

A little less surprising was Senator Lindsey Graham, who not only voiced his support for Fiorina and Kelly, but also shared a few choice comments about Trump:

Graham even went so far as to commend Erick Erickson‘s decision to rescind Trump’s invitation to the RedState gathering in Atlanta on Saturday:

Even Senator Ted Cruz, one of candidates most friendly to Trump on the trail, spoke out on the matter:

However, he quickly added a caveat:

The real fun begins when one digs a little deeper into Twitter’s cesspool of asinine political commentary and trolling. Such is especially the case when surveying the responses of professed social media conservatives. Many support Fiorina’s stance, albeit with the occasional reservation:

Others, however, throw their hats into the Trump-branded ring without fail:

Of course it wouldn’t be the bat sh*t-crazy end of Twitter without at least one conspiracy theorist in the mix:

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