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Palin/McCain’s Arizona Rally Removes Heckler

For the second day in a row, Sarah Palin is stumping for John McCain, her former running mate in the 2008 elections. Then, along with thousands of Tea Party members gathered to protest the (already passed) health care law, the former Alaskan governor plans to descend onto Sen. Harry Reid‘s hometown of Nevada later today. Meanwhile, at least one heckler has been forcibly removed from the premises.

MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer had two updates on her Twitter about the hecklers:

Sarah Palin to heckler: Young man, stick around. Maybe you’ll learn something. Then other citizens dragged him out by his arms.

Mesa crowd getting rough with hecklers: one guy grabbed the heckler by the hair.

The event in Nevada is being called “The Conservative Woodstock” – imagery that does not typically invoke thoughts of beat-downs – according to an AP release:

…Palin faced criticism after posting a map on her Facebook page that had circles and cross hairs over 20 Democratic districts. She also sent a tweet saying, “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!”

She said Friday she was alluding to votes, not guns.

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