Conservatives Concerned Romney Gives Too Many Scoops To Mainstream Media

In a Washington, D.C. club, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney met with conservative media outlets in a two-hour, off-the-record session, where he heard their concerns that his campaign may be leaking too many stories to mainstream news outlets instead of conservative ones.

The Huffington Post reports that attendees included members of National Review, Daily Caller, American Spectator, Washington Examiner, Human Events, RedState, Right Wing News, Powerline, Townhall, among others. Republican National Committee chairman Reince Preibus also attended.

“The basic message I got is the primary’s over and we want you on our side and working with the campaign,” one attendee told HuffPo. Another said the meeting felt like a “sort of an olive branch to conservative media.”

During the meeting’s Q&A sessions, topics that reportedly came up included:

Fast and Furious, the botched U.S. gunrunning sting that conservative outlets have given more attention than the national media, along with concerns that the Romney campaign will continue leaking to establishment outlets, including ABC News and Politico, rather than conservative ones.

But despite the concerns over Romney favoring mainstream outlets over conservative ones, the attendees weren’t dissatisfied with the meeting:

Some conservative journalists left satisfied with what they heard. At one point, Romney told attendees that the campaign intended to work closely with their outlets and will even help conservative outlets writing about Obama with opposition research, according to an attendee.

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