Coulter Flips at Catholics Helping Migrant Children: ‘You Want to Be a Moral Show-Off’?

Today, Ann Coulter took to Twitter to emote very strongly at Catholic figures who spoke out in favor of amnesty towards migrant children currently stuck at the U.S.-Mexico border and, in the meantime, fell in love with the capslock button.

Some context before we go on a wild adventure: The New York Times wrote a story about religious leaders responding to the refugee children border crisis, and among them was Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York. The Catholic Church officially opposed any effort to expedite the official deportation of these children, and Dolan, the public face of the Church in America, called the attempts, “un-American,” “un-biblical,” and “inhumane.”

Which made Coulter go all Hulk:

Oh yeah, Stephen Colbert is a Catholic, don’t cha know:

Father Larry Snyder, CEO of Catholic Charities, also was quoted in the article:

And since there was a liberal governor in the story she could quote, she took a shot at him, too:

Notably, Coulter did not take aim at the numerous rabbis, evangelicals, Southern Baptists, Episcopals, Methodists, Quakers, and other Christian churches quoted in the article, even though they all expressed their desire to show Bible-backed compassion towards these children, and backed their statements with actual, tangible actions.

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