Court Docs Reveal Duncan Hunter Used Campaign Funds to Carry Out ‘Intimate’ Affairs With Lobbyists


New court documents from Duncan Hunter’s (R-CA) campaign finance violations case show that the embattled congressman illegally used those funds to facilitate a multitude of extramarital affairs.

USA Today justice reporter Brad Heath flagged several key passages from the case’s newly-release documents on Tuesday, many of which show Hunter sticking with his claim that the case against him is a “deep state” plot by the Justice Department to punish him for supporting President Donald Trump.

Things get more interesting, however, with the segments describing how Hunter allegedly falsified campaign reports to hide his illegal use of campaign funds on himself, which apparently includes several romantic liaisons.

The documents go on to say that Hunter had personal situations with at least three lobbyists:

The documents allude to other “non-work related activity” that’s of interest to the prosecution, and Margaret Hunter, who seemingly threw her husband under the bus by admitting to campaign fund misuse, might be called as a witness against him.

[Photo via Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images]

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