CPAC Attack: Liz Glover Confronts Andrew Breitbart And Dana Loesch Over GOProud Ban

Liz Glover Confronts Andrew Breitbart And Dana Loesch Over GOProud Ban

One of the regular features of the Conservative Political Action Conference is the annual rite of the behind-the-scenes viral video kerfuffle. This year’s version features freelance Washington, DC video gadfly Liz Glover, last seen asking Newt Gingrich if he’s currently in an open marriage, confronting conservative media provocateur Andrew Breitbart over gay conservative group GOProud‘s exclusion from the conference, with a quick tag-in by Big Journalism Chief Editor and CNN contributor Dana Loesch.

One of the highlights of last year’s CPAC was the way the conference defied gay-hating organizations to stand by GOProud’s inclusion, which was winningly symbolized at the prior year’s conference when an anti-gay speaker was booed off the stage. Unfortunately, the American Conservative Union bowed to pressure in July, voting to exclude the group from CPAC 2012.

Months after that decision, Andrew Breitbart resigned from the board of GOProud over the group’s outing of a Rick Perry staffer.

It was against that backdrop that Liz Glover confronted Andrew Breitbart Friday night, in the CPAC “Blogger’s Lounge,” over gay conservative activist Cynthia Yockey‘s contention that Breitbart is “a better friend to the gay community than Barack Obama.”

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I was in the lounge, cursing at my computer as it continued to fail at everything, when I noticed a crowd gathered around Breitbart, and that uncomfortable disturbance in The Force when something awkward is going down. Glover was pressing Breitbart over GOProud’s exclusion, and over his split with the group (which he called “complicated”), when he began to attack Glover’s line of questioning. That’s when I grabbed my camera.

Glover defended herself from the charge that her questioning consisted of an “op-ed” by reminding Breitbart that “My stuff was on BreitbartTV last week!”

Breitbart paused, and asked, “How do you get your eyes to do the pinwheel thing?”

“That’s really sweet,” Glover replied, “picking on reporters.”

At this point, Dana Loesch tagged in, and told Glover to “act like a lady,” and that she needed to “up (her) game.”

Breitbart waded back in momentarily, then walked off, leaving Loesch to scold Glover for the “faulty premise” of her questions. While  Breitbart’s split with GOProud is arguably justified, though, the ACU’s decision to exclude them far predated the outing of the Perry staffer.

Glover stood her ground, and turned her focus on Cynthia Yockey, who wrote, for The Advocate, that LGBT equality would “come from the right.”

I first met Cynthia at my very first CPAC, and while I like her very much, this is an offensive premise, akin to saying that a reduction in violent crime will come from murderers. The right is, and has long been, the primary obstacle to LGBT equality, and even Yockey’s piece is centered on the idea that equality can only occur by begging conservatives for it:

The bad news is that regardless of this vast support from the right, LGBTs on the left have only about a year to learn the language of conservatism and persuade the conservative movement that we have an unalienable right to equality. That’s because conservatives now control a majority of state legislatures and probably will also control the White House and Congress come 2013. Passing an anti–marriage equality amendment to the Constitution in Congress and getting it ratified by the states probably will be one of the first things conservatives will do, unless LGBT folks start supporting Breitbart, GOProud, and others on the right who are making real changes in our favor.

That’s some seriously twisted logic. The entire argument in favor of gay conservatism seems to be that it’s possible, even preferable, to be more greedy than gay, to overlook bigotry and oppression in favor of your own (perceived) economic interests.

As for Breitbart, he has long supported gay conservatives, but unless his position has changed since the last time we spoke about it, he says he is “agnostic” on the question of gay marriage. Conservatives love to hide behind President Obama’s “evolving” views on gay marriage, but you could hardly make the case that Andrew Breitbart, who props up a political movement dedicated to codifying inequality, is better, no matter how many awesome parties he throws.

Here’s the clip, from Friday evening:

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