Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Posts More Incoherent Video Pleas as Wife Requests Psych Hold


The disturbing saga of Scott Stapp continues. On Thursday, the Creed frontman posted two more video pleas to Facebook, rambling about the shadowy forces who have allegedly stolen money from him. He also ranted about American society’s supposed removal of all-things-Christian from the classroom.

Earlier this week, Stapp posted a video statement in which he claimed to be penniless and living out of his truck. Meanwhile, his wife Jaclyn — currently seeking divorce and full custody of their children — filed legal documents requesting a 60-day psychiatric hold, alleging that her husband “refuses to get help and is deep into drugs, including amphetamines, steroids, weed, coke, PCP, Ketamine and others.”

She claimed he’s attempting to detox himself — a harmful process if done without supervision — and could pose a physical threat to himself or others if not detained.

In his latest videos, Stapp stood outside the Boca Raton Police Department on Thanksgiving Day, seeking entrance to file a police report but getting denied as there were no officers available at the time. Stapp told his viewers that his musical success was “like winning the lottery,” but with all that money, things happen — “people get bribed,” he claimed, “people who are insiders even at the bank.”

The “Higher” singer also railed against America’s “soul sickness“:

We’ve taken God out of everything — we won’t allow kids to pray to Christ or God in our public schools, but we sure will make allowances for Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists to have their freedom of religion. So we take Christianity out but then we inundate our children’s minds with the freedom of religion for everybody else. I mean, we’re humans, we’re made up of body, mind and soul. Right now, we have a generation of children and people all the way up to their forties who have a complete soul sickness because God has been removed out of American culture and relegated to churches. Except for it’s printed on our money, because what I’m starting to realize is that’s really what’s become the God of America: money.

Stapp deleted the two latest videos, but you can watch them below via YouTube user AnarkiTV:

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