Cruz: Climate Change Is ‘Not a Science, It’s a Religion’


Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz told Glenn Beck yesterday that people who agree climate change is occurring lack the facts to back it up because, “climate change is not a science, it’s a religion.”

In an interview with the radio host (that aired before last night’s debate), Cruz said he was surprised that so few Republican candidates in the first Presidential debate self-identified as a climate change skeptic. “For whatever reason, they were afraid to say yes and they sort of bobbed and weaved on that question. I tried to jump in I said ‘Jake [Tapper], you want a skeptic? I’m right here,'” Cruz said.

Cruz described a hearing where the president of the Sierra Club testified and “couldn’t answer” basic questions about satellite data. “You know part of the reason he didn’t know the facts?” Cruz asked. “Because climate change is not science, it’s religion.”

“Look at the language where they call you a denier. Denier is not the language of science,” he continued. Cruz added that as the son of two mathematicians, he understands the scientific method. “The essence of the scientific method is to start with a hypothesis, then look to the evidence to disprove the hypothesis; you’re not trying to prove it, you’re trying to disprove it,” Cruz said.

“Any good scientist is a skeptic; if he’s not, he or she should not be a scientist. But yet the language of the global warming alarmists, denier is the language of religion. ‘It’s heretic, you are a blasphemer,'” Cruz said.

Watch the video above, via TheBlaze.

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