Daily Show Co-Creator Lizz Winstead Launches Summer Comedy Tour for Reproductive Rights


The Daily Show‘s co-creator and former head writer, Lizz Winstead is fighting back for women’s reproductive rights in a unique way this summer, as she launches the Vagical Mystery Tour. The tour is an extension of Winstead’s Lady Parts Justice League, an organization which aims to fight legislation that infringes on women’s reproductive options, and stand up for women’s access to birth control and abortion.

In recent years, all kinds of methods have been used to raise awareness about women’s rights and educate, but rarely has comedy been used to teach about such a divisive topic.

The Vagical Mystery Tour is unique in this regard, as its shows will start off with fun comedy sets before diving in and connecting audiences to real clinic staff and escorts, and showing everyone, whether they realize it or not, that they have skills that can go directly to helping women access abortion.

“You can get anywhere from 100 to 150 people gathered in a room much easier if you say, ‘Hey, we’re gonna have comedy and music. And we can have a cool conversation afterward with some really amazing people in your community,'” Winstead told Bustle. “You know, that’s much more fun than maybe saying, ‘Who wants to get together and learn about something?”

The comics involved in the tour are all, themselves, experienced with volunteering to support reproductive rights in their communities. This will help to fulfill a crucial role of the tour, which is showing that everyone is capable of helping the cause within their communities, no matter how much money they have or what talent sets they possess.

Volunteers can answer phones at local women’s health clinics or help safely escort patients while anti-abortion protesters hurl threats and vitriol outside clinics. They can also canvas for local politicians who support choice, but according to the comics of the Vagical Mystery Tour, one of the best ways people can help reproductive rights is just to show up where they can when the movement needs them.

Speaking of anti-abortion protesters, Winstead told Bustle, “[The protestors] are just like, oh, you know, I could totally berate a woman by herself and scare her, but when there’s a whole bunch of people staring at you watching you do it, that behavior changed and it was very telling.”

“So get out there, people,” Winstead continued. “Stand with the clinics, because it gets those bullies to shut down.”

As of Thursday, the tour has five stops remaining in Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Louisville.

Take a look at a trailer for the tour, below:

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