Dan Abrams Clashes With Hannity Over Russia Probe: ‘You Really Want to Live or Die on the Carter Page Hill?’


After a big back-and-forth on the media, Dan Abrams––ABC News chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder––clashed with Sean Hannity on his new SiriusXM show about the ongoing Russia investigation.

As they tussled over the President’s “fake news” mantra, Hannity asked, “Where’s the Russian collusion, Dan?”

Abrams said we should “wait and see” before Hannity segued into talking about Hillary Clinton‘s “bought-and-paid-for Russian lies.”

“Oh, come on,” Abrams shot back.

They tackled comments Hannity recently made about how Rod Rosenstein should potentially be “investigated and prosecuted” because of the “fraud on the FISA court using unverified information, the Steele dossier by a Trump hater.” Hannity argued that Rosenstein is clearly conflicted and again pointed to the unverified information used to get the FISA warrant.

Abrams responded, “Every day warrants are sought based on unverified information. Why are they seeking a warrant? They’re seeking a warrant so they can get more information!”

Abrams emphasized that point again as he and Hannity kept going back and forth on the FISA warrant. Abrams asked, “You really want to live or die on the Carter Page hill?”

Hannity brought up the Strzok/Page texts and said he has a problem with “corrupt law enforcement.”

Abrams asked, “So you still think that Rosenstein should be prosecuted? Such dangerous stuff, Sean, to say stuff like that. It really is.”

“You keep putting words in my mouth,” Hannity shot back.

“You said that!” Abrams responded.

Hannity again said there’s no evidence of collusion, but there is evidence of “Russian propaganda that was used against Donald Trump.”

“So the Russians didn’t help Donald Trump?” Abrams asked. “All the stuff in the Mueller indictment about how they wanted to help Donald Trump was made up.”

Hannity said Russia “wanted to create as much chaos as possible.”

As the discussion wrapped up, Hannity pointed fingers at top officials like Bruce Ohr, Christopher Steele, and Andrew McCabe before Abrams jumped in and said, “You’re implicating a lot of people here.”

You can listen above, via The Dan Abrams Show.

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