Kasich Says That It’s ‘Absolutley’ Possible He Might Not Endorse Trump

KasichOhio Gov. John Kasich told Fox’s Bill Hemmer that he was nowhere near ready to endorse Donald Trump.

Kasich, whose state is both crucial to the general election and will play host to the Republican National Convention in July, said it was “absolutely” possible that he would refuse to endorse Trump, his party’s presumptive nominee.

“You know how important Ohio is to this election,” Hemmer said. “If he doesn’t win Ohio, you could make the argument he does not win the White House.”

“Look, the fact of the matter is the qualities that we need in a leader is very important to me,” Kasich said. “This is not a game for me. I can’t go for dividing, name calling, or somebody who doesn’t really represent conservative principles.”

“You are the host governor for the convention that comes to Ohio in 40 days,” Hemmer said. “Are you saying it’s possible that you could walk into that arena in Cleveland, Ohio and not endorse?”

“Absolutely! Of course,” Kasich responded. “I’ve been this way since I was in politics. I kinda call them the way I see them. And never more than today does the country need to be unified, do we need to stop all the fighting, do we need to realize that we’re Americans before we’re Republicans and Democrats.”

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