‘Deport the Illegal Aliens’: GOP Rep. Presents Solution to Make Healthcare More Affordable

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) made some waves last week when he likened the GOP healthcare bill to a “lump of coal” as he complained that the proposed Obamacare replacement would be the largest Republican welfare bill in history.

Appearing today on CNN, Brooks again hammered the plan for not being conservative enough and worsening the financial condition of the the country by adding another welfare program that hurts the solvency of the nation and bring it closer to bankruptcy.

When asked by host John Berman if he was concerned about the possibility of millions of Americans based on the recent CBO report, the Alabama lawmaker said he was but then cited freedom and liberty.

“Well, sure, Brooks said. “I would like to see people voluntarily purchase health insurance in order to minimize their risk of a significant loss because of illness. But this is America. We believe in liberty and freedom. If you’re going to believe in liberty and freedom than you cannot with a heavy boot of the federal government force people to purchase insurance.”

This then pivoted into a discussion on illegal immigration as Brooks stated that the best way to make healthcare more affordable for Americans was to raise wages. And the best way to raise wages is to deport undocumented workers.

“And one of the best things to help increase wages for working Americans is to deport the illegal aliens that have flooded the marketplace,” he noted. “Suppressing wages for all Americans and, in addition to that, those illegal aliens have taken job opportunities from American citizens.”

Brooks added that if you “deport illegal aliens,” you decrease the labor supply, forcing employers to pay more for workers. And, thus, average Americans will be able to better afford healthcare coverage.

When Berman countered that the unemployment rate is 4.7% and many employers have stated they are having difficulty finding workers, Brooks countered by saying that was “factually inaccurate.”

Watch the interview above, via CNN.

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