Dick Cheney Bemoans Partisan Rancor: It Was a ‘Different Era’ When We Were ‘In Charge’


Former Vice President Dick Cheney — who served as Secretary of Defense under the late President George H.W. Bush — is longing for a kinder, gentler time in Washington. A time, apparently, during which he was one of those in charge.

Capping off a rare day of interviews with an appearance on CNN, the former vice president told host Wolf Blitzer that he’s not sure whether the good will present in D.C. this week, as the nation’s leaders mourn the passing of former President Bush, will endure.

“I don’t know, Wolf,” Cheney said. “I hope so.”

The former vice president added that his interactions with former friends and foes have been quaint in advance of Wednesday’s funeral service for ex-President Bush. And he bemoaned the fact that, overall, the political climate is different today.

“It’s a warmer, friendlier — we’re reminiscing, and so forth,” Cheney said. “Of course, we’re not in charge now, we’re not in control of anything. But it was a different era.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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