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DNC Grassroots Project Aims To Hold Republican Candidates Accountable

In preparation for what’s likely to be a vicious batch of midterm elections this November, the Democratic National Committee has launched The Accountability Project. The DNC intends for it to be a “project to hold Republican candidates accountable”–and they want your help!

The project’s website calls it a “grassroots, volunteer project” to hold Republicans accountable for “their claims, their public statements, and their campaign tactics.” But most importantly, it emphasizes that this is a platform for you. You, the people, are invited to record and send in videos of Republican candidate events and “submit copies of candidate mailers, emails, and attack ads.” They even include tips on how to record a good video.

This project is a response to “misleading attacks, false claims and empty rhetoric”:

For too long, our politics has been poisoned with misinformation and negative attacks. The most powerful way to combat these shadowy tactics is to drag them into the light of public scrutiny.

Through the Accountability Project, you can fight back, and show the American people the real choice they have this November.

While accountability in government — and especially in campaigning — is good and increasingly necessary, the DNC’s project has a clear bias. The website obviously implies that Republicans are the only ones with accountability concerns, when in reality it is a much larger and widespread problem throughout politics. Moreover, The Accountability Project does run the risk of turning into a GOP Gaffe Project, something which would surely elicit a strong negative response from the party in question.

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