DNC Has a Guide to Debating ‘Your Republican Uncle’ on Christmas


Remember yesterday when The Washington Post tried to ruin Christmas by asking what political party Santa Claus belongs to? Well, the Democrats have decided to further push Christmas misery upon you with its website “Your Republican Uncle”:

(The link in that second tweet is to the noise all the adults on Charlie Brown make. Yeah.)

The website contains talking points on everything from why the midterms were not a rejection of Democratic policies, immigration reform, health care, pay equity, and why on earth would you ruin Christmas by talking about any of this.

Oh, and on top of all that, they have some very… interesting visuals to go along with the website:

Look, last month we covered those annoying “how to talk politics on Thanksgiving” posts, but at least Thanksgiving is somewhat associated with fighting with relatives. Christmas is about coming together as a family and celebrating the holidays in peace.

Say what you will about the GOP, I don’t see any “How to Talk Politics with Your Hippie Liberal Aunt.” Happy holidays.

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