Donald Sterling Sues TMZ, Former Mistress for Eavesdropping and Privacy Violation

sterlingFormer L.A Clippers team owner Donald Sterling ran into some trouble one year ago when audio was leaked with him going on a racist rant to his mistress about her public association with black people. Today, Sterling said he plans to sue TMZ and V. Stiviano for releasing the tapes that got him banned for life from the NBA.

Sterling filed his suit with the Los Angeles Supreme Court on Friday, alleging that Stiviano, who was his mistress at the time, violated his privacy rights by taking an illegal recording a phone conversation with Sterling in September 2013. The lawsuit also alleges that Stiviano or TMZ altered the recordings in order to distort the conversation and take his words out of context.

“Unbeknownst to Sterling at the time, Stiviano had a policy and practice of regularly recording conversation between herself and Sterling,” the complaint says. The Hollywood Reporter noted that Sterling’s suit claims since he believed the conversation was strictly between them, they should be recognized as “confidential under California law.”

After Sterling went on his rant, blasting Stiviano for being friends with Magic Johnson among others, he was quickly dragged into a maelstrom of controversy. Sterling’s lawsuit declared that he’s seeking compensation for the damage done to his reputation, as well as statutory damages for the $2.5 million he was fined by the NBA.

[h/t LA Times]
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