Donald Trump Demands Iran Release Sailors Hours After They Were Already Released

Amid all the media hype and conservative bedwetting over the 10 American sailors who were detained on Iran’s Farsi Island just hours before President Obama‘s State of the Union address, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump managed to top them all. In a demonstration of the sort of muscular foreign policy acumen that will Make America Great Again, Trump tweeted a stern demand for the sailors to be returned to United States custody right NOW!

I bet stupid NObama never thought of USING ALL CAPS, the feckless whelp.

Trump’s tweet must have scared the Iranians right into their Delorean, because as The Independent notes, the hostages were released several hours before Trump’s masterstroke:

Donald Trump called for the release of 10 US sailors who were detained in Iran – hours after they had already been released.

The sailors were allowed to leave Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf at 8.43am GMT – 3.43am Eastern Time – and were returned to US custody.

Trump’s tweet, as you can see, was posted at 7 am.

For Trump’s next act, he plans on demanding night games at Wrigley Field, cheese in the crust of his pizza, and in a particularly ironic twist, he will tweet a demand that someone invent a way for him to post every inane thought that pops into his head so millions of people can instantly read it.

(h/t GottaLaff)

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