Donald Trump Jr., Roger Stone, and David Duke Share Weird ‘Deplorables’ Memes


Because Hillary Clinton called half of Donald Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables,” there’s been these weird memes popping up about “Deplorables.”

Donald Trump, Jr. posted this on Instagram yesterday:

Now, that frog thing––Pepe––is a meme that’s been around for decades and has been used by alt-right Trump supporters. If you want an idea of how, read this Daily Beast piece literally titled “How Pepe the Frog Became a Nazi Trump Supporter and Alt-Right Symbol.”

Yeah. One might even say sharing a white nationalist alt-right meme like that kind of makes Clinton’s point for her.

But it doesn’t prove Clinton’s point nearby as much as actually deplorable people proudly declaring themselves “deplorables.”

Trump ally and conspiracist Roger Stone tweeted out the same image as Trump Jr.:

Now, just to review, Stone has, in the past, used phrases like “fat negro” and “stupid negro,” has used lots of other nasty language, once set up an anti-Clinton political group with the acronym CUNT, accused Khizr Khan of being a Muslim Brotherhood agent (before sorta walking it back), and questioned whether Clinton aide Huma Abedin is a terrorist agent.

If only there was a word to describe that kind of behavior. Something that starts with a D?

Also, something else particularly notable about the image both Stone and Trump Jr. tweeted out is that Alex Jones is on there. You know, 9/11-conspiracy-harboring nutcase Alex Jones. And Trump’s son is apparently okay with being associated to him. (He did link to InfoWars last week.)

Oh, and David Duke also tweeted this out, signaling how proud he is to be one of Clinton’s “deplorables”:

So just to recap, the actually deplorable David Duke tweeted this image of him as one of the “deplorables,” lumping himself in with Trump and his sons and Steve Bannon and Ann Coulter.

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