Ellen DeGeneres Called Racist Over Tweet About Usain Bolt


Olympic sensation and fastest man alive Usain Bolt has brought the Internet at large a lot of joy since he burst onto the scene a few years ago. Remember when he got taken out by a Segway? Good times, right? Anyway, the latest Internet-related Bolt story isn’t of the warm and fuzzy variety, nor does it involve him getting toppled by a transportation device.

Look at this tweet from popular daytime TV host Ellen DeGeneres:

Now, look at the responses:

Full fights have been breaking out:

A few things to consider before we move on:

1. Bolt retweeted the photo.
2. Right before tweeting the picture in question, DeGeneres tweeted a link to the trailer for the upcoming movie Hidden Figures, which focuses on the unsung black heroes of NASA.
3. Right after tweeting the picture in question, DeGeneres tweeted a link to an old video she and Bolt made together.

Taking all of that into account, it seems pretty clear she meant no offense to her friend or the black community, which is what she later said:

It’s certainly not an apology, but the debate is still raging over whether or not it even should be.

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