Employees Mock GSA With Parody Video Of Careless Spending

The General Service Administration, or GSA, is an agency focused on the reduction of frivolous government spending. However, some members of the group seem to be in contradiction with this foremost concern. The GSA is currently under heavy fire after a recent exposé of an extravagant Las Vegas conference back in 2010, during which the group spent a reported $834,000 in taxpayer dollars. To make matters even worse, a few rogue agents created a music video to flaunt their exploits and showcase the decadent lifestyle of a GSA employee. The video is labeled “UNCOVERED: Federal Government Worker – American Idle,” and is set to the tune of Travie McCoy’s Billionaire.

The musicians perform lines like “I’d buy everything your field office can’t afford, and every GS 5 would get a top hat award,” and belt out “LB2P, cash bonus for thee.” Even though their use of GSA jargon is beyond us average folk, you can be sure their intentions will be detrimental to United States government.

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The chorus goes a little something like this: “I want to be commissioner so freakin’ bad, get all the things your buildings never had. A new computer and on-the-ground parking, and a corner office with a scene.”

Watch the carelessness below. The creators will need to the video traffic to get YouTube payout after they’re fired:

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