Enjoy This Video of Mike Huckabee Dressed Up as Cher, Singing ‘I Got You Babe’


Presidential candidates have done some funny things before they decide to throw their hats into the ring, and sometimes it comes back to haunt them. But sometimes, there are just questions about those shenanigans. Really pressing questions because everything about those shenanigans just doesn’t compute with said candidates whole entire image as a politician.

In today’s edition of “WTF Was This?” — Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, in a 2010 video unearthed by BuzzFeed from when he was taping an episode of his Fox News show in Las Vegas. And while the former governor of Arkansas should be commended for being game for pretty much anything as he’s brought onstage by ventriloquist Terry Fator, one should always exercise caution when being told, “What I’m going to do is I’m going to turn you into a puppet.” Because then, this happened:

In case you, like I, are too scared of puppets to watch the whole thing without watching through your fingers, Huckabee was asked to do a Cher impression against his will. Piece by piece, Huckabee is dressed up as a Cher puppet while Fator dons a Sonny Bono (the late Republican!) wig and forces Huckabee into a performance of “I Got You Babe.”

Huckabee must have been told about this ahead of time, right? As footloose and fancy-free as he must have been while not a presidential candidate or a governor, he must have been told that he’d be dressed up as the puppet version of a gay icon. Not just a gay icon, but a woman who has been a gay icon around the entire world for decades. How was Huckabee okay with this as someone who is so breathtakingly homophobic?

True, BuzzFeed points out that Huckabee is a Cher fan, but what would Huckabee’s most red-blooded supporters think of this? More importantly — what would Cher think of this? She’ll probably tweet something with emojis to express her outrage.

But the whole video makes zero sense. It proves that this universe is a completely random series of events that have no connection or logic and we are all a big, fat happenstance of space crap. And that Huckabee thinks that God has anything to do with him dressing like a Cher puppet in Vegas is almost devastating to the world’s true believers.

[h/t BuzzFeed]

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