Politicizing Hurricane Relief: Stevie Wonder Thinks I’m Dumb So I’m Giving To JJ Watt’s Effort

Cher Viciously Hits Back at DACA Twitter Troll: ‘Keep Your Eyes Open Bitch’

Cher Accuses ‘Chop Shop Doc’ Dr. Oz of Fraud, Goes After MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson

While Speaking at Clinton Fundraiser, Cher Compares Trump to Hitler and Stalin

In the Wake of Orlando Shooting, Cher Poses Harsh Question About Anti-LGBT Lawyer

Cher Appears to, um, Accuse Trump’s Son of Killing Her Friend

Cher Calls for Michigan Governor’s Execution via Firing Squad

Enjoy This Video of Mike Huckabee Dressed Up as Cher, Singing ‘I Got You Babe’

Cher Rants on Twitter About Rand Paul: ‘Minorities Beware’

Cher Admits Obama ‘Let Her Down’ on Twitter

Cher Tears Into Thanksgiving: ‘I Don’t’ Celebrate the ‘Beginning of a Great Crime’

Cher Calls Sarah Palin a ‘Dumb C Word’

Rachel Maddow To Bill O’Reilly: ‘How Do You Handle The Rest Of Humanity When You Are So Great?’

Cher Has A Huge Crush On Which MSNBC Host?

Top 10 Most Obnoxious Reactions To President Obama’s Election Victory

Cher, Kathy Griffin Have A Message About Romney’s GOP ‘Buddies:’ ‘This Is Sick Stuff’

Cher’s Pre-Debate Twitter Rant: ‘I’m Praying Obama Kicks Mittens’s Ass’

Hannity Panel Takes On Cher’s Charges Of Racism Against Republicans

Trump Responds To Cher’s Attack On Romney: ‘She’s Somewhat Of A Loser,’ Who’s ‘Very Miserable’

Watch Chaz Bono’s ‘Controversial’ Debut On Dancing With The Stars

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