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Ex-FIFA Official Responds to ‘Comedian Fool’ John Oliver

warner oliverOne of the more interesting figures in the FIFA corruption scandal has been ex-FIFA official Jack Warner, who at first stood defiant and attacked the United States by citing The Onion, but then days later decided to flip and announce on Trinidadian TV he’ll be releasing certain information.

Well, HBO’s John Oliver––who’s gone after FIFA quite a lot on his show––decided to buy airtime on Trinidadian television in response, making fun of FIFA and Warner, but also begging him to reveal everything.

Well, Warner responded to Oliver in another video of his own, saying he’s disgusted with how the TV station allowed a “foreigner to come into this country to embarrass its citizens, to embarrass its people, to be critical of the way we speak, to be critical of the way we look, to be critical of our culture.”

He declared that he doesn’t need advice from a “comedian fool” on what to do and said “we have to stand united” against outsiders.

It gets a little hard to make out what he’s saying in part of the video because whoever edited the video for Warner thought it would be a good idea to add on inspirational movie-trailer music.

Which brings us to the single most ridiculous part of Warner’s video:

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 5.52.11 PM

Yes, it turns out that the music for Warner’s video was directly ripped (or more accurately, ripped off) from a YouTube video literally titled “Epic and Dramatic Trailer Music.”

For a video of him responding to John Oliver.

You can’t make this stuff up.

You can watch Warner’s video below, and then the trailer music video underneath, for comparison:

[h/t Slate]
[image via screengrabs]

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