WATCH: Trump Gives Reporters a Red Card in Meeting With FIFA Head

How to Watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup Opening Match — Russia vs. Saudi Arabia

Turkish Soccer Federation Fires Refs it Suspects of Being Involved in Failed Coup

US Women’s Soccer Actually Wins World Cups, but Makes Less than Loser Men’s Team

John Oliver Literally Fires Back at Ex-FIFA Offical Jack Warner

Ex-FIFA Official Responds to ‘Comedian Fool’ John Oliver

John Oliver Buys Ad Time on Trinidad TV to Mock Ex-FIFA Official

FIFA’s Propaganda Movie Made Only $607 on Opening Weekend

John Oliver Keeps His FIFA Promise, Throws Beach Party with Bud Light Lime

Onion-Believing FIFA Official Snitches on Sepp Blatter in Weird TV Ad

John Oliver Begs Corporate Sponsors to Rid FIFA of Its ‘Asshole’ President

Ex-FIFA Official Charged with Corruption Attacks the U.S. by Citing… The Onion

Read the Dept of Justice’s Full FIFA Indictment Here

Clinton Foundation Also Took Money from Human Rights-Abusing Qatar World Cup

Even ISIS Wants the World Cup in Qatar Cancelled

Uruguayan President Calls FIFA ‘Fascist,’ ‘Sons of Bitches’ over Suarez Bite Ban

FIFA Just Now Realizes Giving Qatar the World Cup Was a Big Mistake

North Korean Press Ignores 7-0 World Cup Loss, Covers “Revenge-Vowing Meetings” Instead

WORLD CUP FEVER! All Eyes On The Draw

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