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Ex-RNC Head Michael Steele Hits GOP for Pointing Fingers on Roy Moore: ‘All of Them Have a Hand’

Michael Steele once led the Republican National Committee — where one of his toughest tasks was helping to keep the GOP unified. But now that he’s no longer in that post, party unity is no longer Steele’s problem. And in his current role as MSNBC contributor, when he sees discord among Republicans, he calls it out.

Steele did just that on Thursday’s Hardball. The former RNC head told Chris Matthews that although Republicans have tried to point fingers and distance themselves from Roy Moore‘s failed Senate candidacy, everyone in the party is at least partially responsible.

“The fact of the matter is, the president, Bannon…and the Senate leadership, all of them have a hand in creating the mess that they’re in right now,” Steele said. “You can’t escape this.”

It starts at the top with President Donald Trump, in Steele’s view.

“President is titular head of the party,” Steele said. “Did the robocalls. This was his guy. He got out in front. Now you can sit back and remake that history all you want. But the reality of it is, you said that your agenda would be in trouble if this man did not win this seat. And now you’re saying ‘Oh, we’ll survive. Our agenda will be just fine.’ It’s not believable.”

Matthews asked if the Republicans are wishing they could’ve backed Moore’s primary opponent, Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL), more vigorously and tried to defeat Moore before the general election.

“Absolutely,” Steele said. “It was evident they could have beaten [Moore], because of the number of Republicans who walked away from this campaign.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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