Ex-State Senator Busted for Hiding in Statehouse Closet in Protest of Law

A former Idaho state senator was discovered hiding in a closet at the Idaho statehouse in protest of the state’s Human Rights Act. After Nicole LeFavour was caught in the closet, she explained it was to make a point, saying, “It’s a very large closet. There are lots of people in closets out there, and they’re not comfortable.”

LeFavour has been arrested a number of times for protesting at the state Capitol to get sexual orientation and gender identity added to the list of anti-discrimination provisions in the state law. And this time, in protest, she made herself comfortable in the closet for five to six hours.

The Senate president pro-tem noted she complied with requests to leave after “initial reluctance.” After leaving, LeFavour said, “Every time one of us is standing hand over mouth somewhere, it is a message of love to somebody else who is scared, somewhere in Idaho.”

[photo via screengrab]

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