Farrow: Firm Harvey Weinstein Hired To Quash Sexual Harassment Reports Also Used to Get Dirt on Iran Deal Brokers


The New Yorker‘s Ronan Farrow reported late Sunday night that Black Cube, the Israeli-based private intelligence firm that Harvey Weinstein used to target women and journalists looking to expose his story, is the same firm that was used to try to dig up dirt on former Obama administration officials who helped to broker the Iran deal.

The Guardian reported this weekend that Trump aides worked on the effort to smear these officials – particularly Colin Kahl and Ben Rhodes – in an attempt to discredit the Iran deal and to garner public support for President Donald Trump‘s intention to sever it.

“We uncovered documents showing that they were tracking the types of cars they drove [and] events in their personal lives,” Farrow told New Day‘s Alisyn Camerota.

Even their wives were targeted. Both Ann Norris and Rebecca Kahl – Rhodes’ wife and Kahl’s wife, respectively – received strange emails looking for personal information from them by way of, in Norris’ case, consulting on a movie, and in Kahl’s, giving information about her daughter’s school.

No information has been confirmed on who hired Black Cube to get this information, but Farrow told Camerota that “a private sector firm with a commercial interest related to sanctions on Iran” is the likely culprit according to some of his sources close to the operation.

Camerota then asked if the Trump administration was involved, and Farrow replied: “All we know is that there are some individuals around this that feel strongly that that’s the case.”

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