Fired Professor Reflects on Tucker Carlson Face-Off: ‘I’m Not Going to’ Apologize


Lisa Durden was fired from Former Essex County College this past weekend, but the former professor says she doesn’t regret any part of her explosive performance on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Durden appeared on Tucker’s show earlier this month, and the two of them ended up in a major shouting match over a Black Lives Matter Memorial Day event that was exclusive to African Americans. Durden was initially suspended from her job due to complaints about the segment, though the college decided to take things further by terminating her employment.

Durden spoke with Roland Martin about all of this, and she expressed confusion about the circumstances that led to her firing. When asked if she wanted to apologize for anything she said, Durden stated “No, I’m not going to.”

As she reflected on her interview with Carlson, Durden said “I wasn’t there to play games, I was there to take a bite out of crime.” Durden described her appearance as “direct” and “aggressive,” and she complained that people like Jeanine Pirro and Nancy Grace are viewed more favorably when they engage in similar behavior.

“Why can’t I come on there and be aggressive and talk in the same vein as any expert in the fields of pop culture, politics and social issues,” Durden said. “So now when I do it, I’m not intelligent. When they do it, they’re amazing, they’re intelligence, they’re fantastic!”

Watch above, via News One.

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