FNC to Media Matters: “Show Us The Money,” Media Matters Replies “It’s Coming!”


Yesterday, news broke that Fox News had agreed to run an advertisement created by media watchdog group Media Matters that criticizes News Corp’s $1 Million donation to the Republican Governors Association. The news came after some questioned whether Media Matters was ever really intent on purchasing the air time.. When contacted, Media Matters said “We’re cutting a check!”

After the story broke last night that Fox News had agreed to air the ad (after Media Matters created numerous iterations of voiceover copy to meet FNC’s standards), we reached out to Fox News to learn when the ad would actually air. A spokesperson at the cable news network revealed that they had not yet received payment for the spot, and suggested that Media Matters is perhaps dragging their feet on an issue-oriented ad that is typically placed instantaneously. The Fox News source added “They want to run it next week? Great, but we need a check.” According to Fox, after the ad was approved, Media Matters never revealed their specific plans to the network.

When contacted, Media Matters Vice President of Research & Communications Ari Rabin-Havt reminded Mediaite of a pledge that he’d made to this reporter last week when he guaranteed that they would run the ad if they could get it approved. Further, Rabin-Havt added “We plan to run the ad after Labor Day weekend, when everyone is back from vacation,” and followed with plans to have a check sent to the D.C. area media buyer in the next day or two.

It is odd to imply that Media Matters has no funds to run this spot, when they are often reported, by Fox News, to be enormously well-funded by left-of-center financier George Soros. The 30 second spot has already received ample publicity and promotion before ever seeing the television airwaves, and can be seen below in its entirety:

Update: Fox News has reported on Media Matters’ ad. Video of that segment below:

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