Forget Vogue! Marianne Williamson Superimposes Herself in the Photo That Left Her Out

Marianne Williamson will not be dismissed! If Vogue won’t include her in their article “Madam President? Five Candidates on What It Will Take to Shatter the Most Stubborn Glass Ceiling” she’ll fix it for herself.

Williamson took the oh-so-rude photo for the article and superimposed herself as president in the background in a gaudy gold frame.

Also included in the post was a meme photo of her last presidential debate with the words “quantum thermodynamics” over the top, throwing a little shade at herself for bringing up the topic during the debate. Another photo superimposed her with a sword in her hand and hearts covering her body and “Ice” and “Trump” being washed away by a wave and seemingly begging for mercy.

She said the memes about her candidacy have her rolling on the floor laughing as much as the next person in a video in the post.

“Other generations have done what they are called to do, and now it’s our generation’s time to do what we are called to do,” the post read. “The American revolution is an ongoing process, a continuing journey into more and more expanded realms of possibility for everyone. It’s amazing when you dust off certain phrases and reclaim them for their modern relevance. “Let freedom ring” is not just a cliche after all… #bigtruth.”

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