Former Trump Campaign Adviser Blasts ‘Conspiracy’ Theory of Spy on Campaign: ‘This Is Embarrassing’

A.J. Delgado, a former senior adviser to Donald Trump, went on an extensive tweetstorm Monday night lambasting the theory that former President Barack Obama placed a “spy” inside the Trump campaign in order to frame the eventual president.

Delgado, who served as an adviser on Trump’s campaign, responded to comments made by former White House aide and make-believe doctor Sebastian Gorka, who made a bold (and baseless) declaration on Fox Business Network Monday night.

“If the accusations turn out to be true about this asset, this mole, or what now seems to be the case, multiple FBI assets, this will be the first time ever in American history that one administration put covert assets for political purposes into the other party’s campaign to undermine, and potentially frame, the candidate of that party,” said Gorka, whose education at Corvinus University of Budapest apparently did not cover the Nixon administration.

Delgado, a former Mediaite columnist, responded: “Are we really going w this?? That Obama put a spy inside the Trump campaign, to frame Trump? Srsly? Not sure if it’s IQ, ethics, or simple common sense but I cant. This is embarrassing.”

“No one is flip flopping,” Delgado said in response to a Twitter user accusing her of betraying the Trump team. “I support much of the Trump 2016 campaign agenda. I just didnt [sic] take the turn into Conspiracies-That-Dont-Make-Sense nor ‘I Am Going To Insult and Attack Comey and Mueller even though both are admirable ppl’ street. Not what I signed up for.”

Delgado went on to retweet several posts that rebuked the pro-Trump punditry narrative that the FBI spied on his campaign to bring him down:

Watch Gorka below, via Fox Business Network.

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