Former Trump Aide: If McMaster, Drudge Push Out Bannon, I Will ‘Blow Them The F**k Up’


A former Trump advisor is speaking out on the ongoing battles taking place within the White House and he is firmly on Team Bannon.

Sam Nunberg is a longtime ally of Donald Trump and served as a campaign advisor until he left the campaign in August 2015. During an interview with The Daily Caller, he accused National Security Advisor GenH.R. McMaster and conservative media giant Matt Drudge of trying to push out Chief White House Advisor Steve Bannon.

“If Steve is fired by the White House and a bunch of generals take over the White House there will be hell to pay,” Nunberg threatened.

This fiery rhetoric is in reaction to an Axios report that pins Bannon to an ongoing anti-McMaster campaign that’s trying to get the national security advisor ousted.

He went on to call out Drudge for promoting hit pieces of Bannon and sharing articles that shine a favorable light on Trump’s advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

“Matt should go back into his hobble hole in Miami and listen to techno,” Nunberg said. “Matt should understand that people like me can blow him the fook up. F-o-o-k, Conor McGregor. Blow him the fook up.”

He was referencing to Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor’s pronunciation of the word “f**k.”

Nunberg claimed he can get conservative radio to talk about how Drudge pushed out Bannon so “McMaster can control the White House.”

“Nobody elected Donald Trump for McMaster to be in the West Wing,” he said. “This is politics. This is not military. You want to go into the political arena, let’s do it,”

He went on to say that McMaster, along with White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly cannot “hide behind their service” and added that he can also “blow the fook up” McMaster.

“I’ve never served. They made major sacrifices, but I would also remind them…these guys have not won a war since World War II,” Nunberg elaborated. “Steve Bannon with Donald Trump won the biggest war in modern day history in 2016.”

Nunberg then listed the positions Trump campaigned on that he claims differs from McMaster’s.

“Nobody elected Donald Trump to send 50,000 f**king troops to Afghanistan to stay there in perpetuity,” he said, something McMaster reportedly supported. “Nobody elected Donald Trump to stay in the Paris Accords, which McMaster wanted. Nobody elected him to kowtow to Iran, which McMaster wants.”

He concluded by attacking the anonymous sources in the Axios piece.

“Whoever in Jon Swan’s Axios piece is familiar with Trump’s thinking should get f**king familiar with the president’s base,” he angrily stated.

There is certainly a loud outcry for Bannon’s firing in reaction to the violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend.

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