Fox News Blocks Staffers From Using Gchat, AIM…For Nearly A Decade

You should stick to texting and phone calls (so old school) to communicate with your friends at Fox News, since they don’t have access to Google Chat (Gchat) or AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) at work.

Earlier this week FishbowlDC reported the changes were made recently, but FNC employees, are blocked from using the services due to a News Corp. directive.

For nearly a decade, it has been a News Corp. directive that employees are not allowed to use any instant messaging applications. During my time at FNC as an intern and production assistant in 2005-2006, the only way to communicate through chat-like services was internally, through iNEWS “top lines” to fellow employees. That appears to remain the only method of instant chatting.

The FBDC story was picked up in a couple outlets. An FNC insider tells Mediaite: “I guess when something is 10 years old it’s still news to FishbowlDC.”

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