Fox News Channel Is Not Afraid To Wish You A Merry Christmas

For some, the best gift this season is sitting back and observing warring media outlets debate the “War on Christmas” in between posting on the 10 Best Holiday Gifts for Bisexual Fashionista Tech Geeks or producing news segments on how gift cards are impacting global warming.

This morning, The New Republic offered several views on this jolliest of wars, highlighting how the holiday season is especially tough on Christians, who are forced to deal with such living nightmares as crowded Christmas masses and long lines at Mrs. Field’s this time of year. TNR then points to a particular inconsistency by those who would have every “Happy Holidays” become an emphatic “Merry Christmas”:

The problem is that religious/cultural conservatives want two things changed about the way our culture observes Christmas.

They want the holiday to be more religious (“Jesus is the reason for the season”) and they want it to be observed more universally (“Christmas is our national holiday.”) You can’t do both.

Fox News Channel, long the protector of Christmas’ sanctity, is taking a characteristically confident stance on the holiday season by running a special holiday birthday message for its viewers. For those among us who emphasize that an impoverished Jewish carpenter is, indeed, the reason for the season, the clip is a welcome — and blunt — message standing apart from the pesky commercialism and multi-culturalism coloring rhetoric about this time of year:

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