Fox News Contributor, Kevin Jackson: Black Shooter Killing White Men is ‘Legacy of Obama’


During an appearance this morning on Fox & Friends, Fox News contributor and conservative talk radio host Kevin Jackson used the recent racially motivated shooting in Fresno to take aim at former President Barack Obama and liberals in general.

Speaking to co-host Steve Doocy, Jackson was asked about the Fresno police stating that the shooting was motivated simply by race and wasn’t a terrorist incident, despite the shooter yelling “Allahu akbar” during the killings. (Kori Ali Muhammad, a 39-year-old black man, shot and killed three white men during the Tuesday rampage.)

“It’s a typical sort of narrative of the left to say pick one,” Jackson noted. “They’re saying pick one. You can’t have terror and you can’t have race at the same time.”

‘The Black Sphere’ host went on to state that this is a “trick” by liberals to force the public to pick either race or religion in an effort to push a narrative that Islam is a religion of peace.

Later on in the conversation, Jackson — who has long been critical of Obama — decided to target the former president for creating an environment that allowed for a black radical Muslim to go on a killing spree.

“This is a ‘difecta’, if you will, in terms of the legacy of Obama,” the political commentator stated. “We got a black man killing white people. He’s killing in the name of Islam.”

He continued, “The only thing that’s missing from this equation, and I’m glad it didn’t happen, is that he targeted law enforcement. That would have been the trifecta.”

Last June, during another F&F appearance, Jackson blamed Obama for the shooting of police officers, claiming a speech by the president “helped to stoke” racial tensions. He also claimed “liberals created” Dylann Roof following Roof’s murder of nine black churchgoers in Charleston.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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