comScore Gavin McInnes to Mediaite: I’m Not a Holocaust-Denying Nazi, ‘That Guy Doesn’t Exist’

Gavin McInnes to Mediaite: I’m Not a Holocaust-Denying Nazi, ‘That Guy Doesn’t Exist’

Mediaite’s Travis Irvine caught up with Vice co-founder and conservative provocateur Gavin McInnes to get his take on his NYU lecture last week that was canceled amid protests. Notable among the chaos at the scene was a woman berating the police for not beating up McInnes and a protester pepper-spraying him in the face.

Regarding getting sprayed, McInnes — who left Vice in 2006 — described the person as being “from the Fantastic Four” because he was able to “use his stretchy arm” to go over the top of the crowd and get him right in the eyeballs. He would further describe it as “spicy stuff” and said he was initially concerned that it might have been acid, but then came to a realization.

“Then I remembered that this isn’t Islam,” McInnes told Irvine. “Even our worst, worst scumbags have a modicum of decorum.”

He went on to tell Irvine about how he attempted to conduct the lecture after being attacked. McInnes first noted the message he wanted to convey to the audience.

“I’m not the guy you’re saying I am,” McInnes commented. “That guy doesn’t exist. This Holocaust-denying, racist, fascist, Nazi — I mean it’s pedantic at this point.”

He further explained that college students are ghost hunters who know that there are very few people like this that exist but that they “just like the vibe” of “fighting for civil rights.”

Watch the clip above to see McInnes explain more about how the speech went and what caused him to finally cancel it.

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