Ghostbusters Star Calls on Fans to ‘Go After’ Twitter Trolls ‘Like They Go After Me’


Now that the new, all-female reboot of Ghostbusters is here, the haters have been out in full force. Star Melissa McCarthy and comedy filmster Judd Apatow both brushed off the whiners, but they’ve still been attacking.

Star Leslie Jones has a new tactic. She’s had enough, especially because the trolling she’s getting isn’t just the same misogynistic drivel her costars are receiving; she, an actress of color, is a target for racists, too. She released the following tweets today on her account:

After being confronted with the shocking tweets she gets daily, her fans are stepping up:

A number of fans have responded that they are reporting the abusive accounts, which seems like a pretty productive way to “go after” them.

[image via screengrab]

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