Gingrich Believes Mueller’s Grand Jury Location Undermines Trump: ‘Guess How Biased It Will Be?’


It seems Newt Gingrich agrees with Alan Dershowitz about how Robert Mueller can’t possibly be fair to President Trump if he’s setting up his grand jury in Washington D.C.

The former House Speaker posted a tweet on Sunday where he complained about Mueller using the capital’s juror pool instead of places like West Virginia where Trump got a much more positive reception during the 2016 election.

Gingrich’s comments echo those of Dershowitz, who recently suggested that a D.C. jury won’t be fair to Trump since the city’s left-leaning, racially-diverse demographic is predisposed to rule unfavorably against Trump. Dershowitz has taken flak from those complaining about the racial connotations of his remarks.

Gingrich has been slamming Mueller’s “witch hunt” on Trump and Russia for weeks now, but his tweet has already drawn a great deal of negative attention.

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