Glenn Beck Interviews ‘Al And Tipper Gore’ About National Enquirer Masseuse Story

After the bizarre National Enquirer story claiming Al Gore got inappropriately frisky with a masseuse in 2006 hit the mainstream, it wasn’t hard to imagine what the former Vice President and his wife, Tipper, felt about the headlines. Or at least it wasn’t hard to imagine for Glenn Beck and his radio team, who got an “exclusive” interview with the Gores (as portrayed by his on-air sidekicks Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere).

While Beck asked “Al Gore” several questions about the scandal, it appeared that he only wanted to talk about climate change, explaining the masseuse scandal as “the global warming just became overwhelming as I was receiving a massage.” “Tipper,” on the other hand, added to this image with some of the more romantic memories of her marriage, like when “we would go out and he would just talk to me for hours and gaze deep in my eyes and tell me about the dangers of multi-passenger vehicles.” It goes on for a while like this, with Beck faking skepticism that he is actually talking to “Tipper” and getting global warming jokes in return. And the entire performance ends with a Haiku: “Get your hands off me. Why do you touch my buttox? Mother Earth cries rape.”

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