Congressional Candidate Legally Changes His Name To ‘Thomas Jefferson’

Certain names are immediately recognizable in U.S. politics. Kennedy. Bush. Clinton. But a libertarian candidate running for Congress has decided on a more old-school political name to garner him some recognition in his race. The man formerly known as Jack Talbert has legally changed his name to Thomas Jefferson.

According to POLITICO, Jefferson is challenging Kansas Republican Mike Pompeo for his seat, and acknowledged that not everyone would have a positive reaction to his name change.

“When people see that Thomas Jefferson’s on the ballot, half will think I’m committed to the Libertarian Party, and the other half will probably think I should be committed… But whether you think it’s crazy or not, hopefully it gets people thinking about the Founding Fathers and Thomas Jefferson in particular and whether we have that form of government still.”

Jefferson acknowledged that he doesn’t have much chance of unseating Pompeo, a freshman congressman who won with well over 50 percent of the vote in 2010.


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