GOP’s Saint Patrick’s Day Tweet of Beto’s Mugshot So Bad People Can’t Believe It: ‘No This Didn’t Happen’

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and to celebrate, the official GOP Twitter account started a huge backlash and engendered sympathy for a Democrat candidate for 2020 who was otherwise not having a great week: Beto O’Rourke.

The amazingly ill-advised tweet, complete with mugshot given photoshop treatment, went out just after noon, and the last two hours have been almost exclusively negative reactions from prominent accounts on both the left and the right. Smooth.

Here’s the offending tweet:

And here are the replies that it’s hard to believe they didn’t see coming, starting with one that is a good summary of the general reaction.

Or to put it another way…

The tweet was so blatantly bad that it stunned a lot of people into one word replies.

But of course not every reply was so straightforward.

CNN and MSNBC anchors weighed in, too.

“Be best”, Melania Trump’s campaign against bullying, came up a lot, as in Tapper’s tweet above. Another recurring theme was the “what about so-and-so” reply.

There were a lot of Kavanaugh and Gaetz replies, but on scan-through it really looks like the Gaetz retweets and replies were in the lead. And they were filled with photoshops.

Still, not every reply was angry. The Young Republicans emulated their elders, as youth tend to do, and got in on the action.

Fortunately, about an hour into the backlash, @GOP realized they were getting a big reaction and put out a clarificatioOHH WAIT never mind they doubled down.

Still, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone. It wouldn’t be a holiday if people weren’t being dicks on Twitter. Or a day of the week. Or any particular minute of any particular day.

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