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Great Moments In Journalism: Canadian Health Official Dodges Media By Eating A Cookie

Once a person takes a place in public office, they discover that they need to learn how to deal with the press and, occasionally, that involves figuring out how to avoid them. There are many strategies on how to accomplish this, the one currently most in vogue involves positioning the entire media as biased therefore depicting all of their questions as unfair attacks that you can rightfully avoid. Of course, that takes a while. Fortunately, Alberta Health Services CEO Stephen Duckett has found an easier technique: when pesky journalists start following you around, distract them with a big cookie.

Dr. Ducket (perfectly fitting name) was leaving a meeting in Edmonton last week when a group of reporters who ambushed him with questions about the declining state of health care. Ducket, quick on his feet, fought back with the only weapon he had; a delicious cookie. Over the course of two minutes of hilariously bizarre viral-bait, the doctor repeatedly brushes off a gathering group of reporters with claims that he’s just too busy eating his cookie to respond. It’s quite successful. Or, at least, it was until Ducket was fired shortly after.

Still, while Ducket may have lost his job, our neighbor to the north may have actually found a comedy genius to nestle into the giant, deadpan shoes of the late, great Leslie Nielsen. Seriously, this video is almost (not quite, RIP) as funny as Police Squad.

(via Mr. Media Training)

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