Guess the 4 News Sources Distrusted by All Generations


Less than a year after the Pew Research Center studied how news sources are evaluated across the ideological spectrum, the think tank published another news study, this time analyzing how news sources are trusted across generational lines.

As with the previous study, awareness of each source played a key role in whether respondents could weigh in on whether they trust or distrust. If a surveyed person indicated they had heard of a particular news source, they were then asked whether they trust, distrust, or don’t have a particular opinion about it.

Those answers were then sorted by generation (Millennial, Generation X, or Boomer) and counted up to see whether each group trusts more than distrusts (or vice versa) each particular source.

As such, here are the four news sources that garnered “more distrust than trust” among all three generations, bringing a rare moment of peace between the “get off my lawn” crowd and the “I just want to text all the time OMG YOLO” generation:

1. Rush Limbaugh
While the talk radio host is obviously associated with older, more conservative listeners, it turns out all three generations — including Boomers — distrust him more than trust. Among Millennials, the percentages of distrust and trust are 32% and 4%, respectively; for Gen X, it’s 43% to 12%; and among Boomers, it’s 42% to 18%. Those dirty liberals.

2. Glenn Beck
Once again, a radio host normally associated with older, more conservative audience is unsurprisingly distrusted by younger generations; but also distrusted by the Boomers. For Millennials, the distrust to trust was 21% to 3%; for Gen X, 27% to 11%; and for Boomers, 26% to 16%. No word on whether those 16% of respondents have bought the latest round of post-apocalyptic survival kits from Beck’s site.

Also interesting to note: Less than 40% of Millennial respondents even knew who Glenn Beck is.

3. Sean Hannity
Yet another conservative radio host distrusted more than trusted by all three generations. Much like Beck, Fox News host Sean Hannity also garnered a metaphorical “Who?” from more than 60% of Millennial respondents. However, among those Millennials who are familiar with getting Hannitized, 17% distrust and 3% trust. For Gen Xers, it’s 23% and 12%; and for Boomers, it’s a closer 23% to 18%.

4. BuzzFeed
This one is somewhat shocking, but for the inverse reason of numbers 1-3: BuzzFeed is supposed to cater to Millennial sensibilities, and yet that generation rates them low on the trustworthy scale. Among Millennial respondents, 14% distrust and 4% outwardly trust. Also fun to note: Less than 40% of Gen Xers and Boomers had any clue what a BuzzFeed is. Guess they haven’t spent enough time on Facebook lately.

See all the relevant charts here and here.

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