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Hannity and Beck Can’t Believe Everyone Thinks They’re Republicans

Glenn Beck appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show Tuesday and the two conservative commentators spent some time lamenting the fact that “the left” will forever associated them with the Republican Party. No matter how much they criticize the GOP establishment, Beck told Hannity, people will never look at them as “anything but Republicans.”

Hannity began by insisting that he’s “not a Republican” but instead a “registered Conservative,” evidenced by the fact that he been urging the removal of House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).

“You’ll never get credit for that,” Beck said. “The left will never look at people like you and me and say we’re anything but Republicans.” To burnish his own anti-Republican credentials, Beck described how he criticized President George W. Bush towards the end of his second term in office.

If liberals did admit that he and Beck were not fully-aligned with the Republican Party, Hannity suggested, it wouldn’t fit the “caricature” they have in their minds.

Listen to audio below, via The Sean Hannity Show:

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