Hannity Declares Trump’s Twitter is ‘On Fire’ After POTUS Tweets ‘Watch Sean Hannity’


Just 45 minutes after President Trump tweeted this…

…to his over-45 million followers, Fox News host Sean Hannity declared that the president’s Twitter account was “on fire.”

“Tonight on Twitter, [Trump is] driving the left predictably absolutely insane. You’re gonna love this,” said Hannity during the opening seconds of his show while talking above a chyron that read, “Trump On Fire On Twitter.”

He went on to attack CNN, referring to to them as the “Cannabis News Network.”

“Last year was an epic failure for fake news, especially the fake Cannabis News Network,” added Hannity.

As has been frequently noted by media reporters and researchers, Trump’s tweets and Fox News’ coverage have created a strange feedback loop where the network promotes a talking point only to have the president parrot that exact claim minutes later.

Trump will typically go on to promote Fox News’ coverage on his Twitter account, which leads the network’s hosts to cover the president’s tweets supporting their coverage — and the cycle then starts all over again.

In Hannity’s case tonight, the conservative host didn’t just cover, but praised the hell out of Trump’s tweets––one of which was a presidential plug for his show.

Additionally, Trump tweeted a bizarre post — even by his standards — in which he announced he will be hosting some kind of anti-media awards show next week where outlets he deems to be the worst offenders will be given trophies.

You can watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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