‘He Has No Fashion Sense’: Tim Kaine’s Old Roommate Pens Hilarious, Heartfelt Open Letter


Before former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made her choice for Vice Presidential candidate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was not all that well known on the national stage.

Sure, in his home state he has been revered for some time, having served as Mayor of Richmond and state Governor before his current role (he’s 8-0 lifetime in Virginia elections). But suddenly — as happens with unexpected VP choices — he got thrust into the national spotlight, and suddenly Kaine was one every late night show that would have him demonstrating his Spanish and harmonica skills with equal proficiency.

But if there are still personal elements of the 58-year-old Virginia Senator that are unknown, leave it to a man named Charles Hirschhorn to fill you in. Hirschhorn was Kaine’s roommate in Boston thirty-five years ago, and he penned an open letter on Facebook that is quickly going viral.

“Full Disclosure: My Roommate is Running for VP,” the post reads at the top, adjacent to a recent smiling photo of the two men on the beach.

“Thirty-five years ago I shared a 4 bedroom rental house with two law students,” Hirschhorn writes. “[T]he open bedroom in the attic was being held for a student returning from a year as a missionary in Honduras. I did not know him when he moved in, but now we all know him as the Democratic Candidate for Vice President, Tim Kaine.”

In his post, Hirschhorn made some revelations of the man who may become the next president of the United States Senate. Among them are, “He does not like to clean the bathroom,” “He makes a mean bowl of ramen,” and “He’s as confused by romance as everyone else.”

Hirschhorn points out that back in the days of their youth, his own rushed conversations on the phone with his parents included that same one line over and over again about his Spanish-speaking roommate. “My parents still call to ask questions about Tim,” he writes. “[M]y brief answer has never changed: ‘He’s the best person I have ever met.’

Click above via Facebook for Hirschhorn’s full letter.

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