Heated CNN Panel Battles Over Trump’s Treatment of Press: ‘Journalists Have Been Faced With Death Threats’


Ben Ferguson and Maria Cardona joined CNN’s Ana Cabrera‘s coverage of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night to talk about President Donald Trump‘s refusal to attend the annual dinner for the second year in a row.
Things got heated fast.
“He is not somebody who respects the First Amendment. He doesn’t like journalists,” Cardona said of the president, starting things off with a bang.  “I believe Trump really does not like it when they call him out on the lies that he — that he says…and when he asks un-presidential.”
Ferguson then suggested Trump, who is at a rally in Michigan instead, simply has more important things to do then go to the dinner with the “nasty” and “smug” press.
He then mused that perhaps Trump thought, “why would I want to go hang out with a bunch of people acting like that towards me?”
“Because he’s the president!” Cabrera shot back.
“Because they’re journalists,” Cardona chimed in.
The panel then took sides on Trump’s press availability with Ferguson insisting Trump had plenty of “venues” to reach the people and Cardona insisting Trump has had the fewest number of press conferences.
She then concluded that Trump’s attitude towards the media is downright dangerous.
“Journalists have been faced with death threats because of the things that Trump has said,” Cardona insisted. “So at the end of the day, yes, he is dangerous because his attitude towards the media is a danger to democracy.”
Watch above, via CNN.
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