‘He’s Working With Dumbells!’: Watch John Cena Do Squats While Hoisting Al Roker on His Shoulders

Tuesday morning on the Today Show, actor and wrestler John Cena stopped by to show off some of his favorite workouts. While these are routines that he says he does on a regular basis, the WWE star incorporated a unique Today-specific wrinkle.

While doing some squats (an exercise that Cena called “an exercise that I live and die by), Cena grabbed longtime Today weatherman Al Roker — who mostly sat out the segment on account of his recent knee replacement surgery — and hoisted him on his shoulders. He then proceeded to do a few more squats while lifting Roker almost six feet in the air.

“He’s working with dumbells!” Roker said with a smile.

Cena did three reps with Roker on his shoulders, to the delight of Roker’s colleagues.

“Best, worst episode of Today ever!” Cena exclaimed.

Watch above via NBC.

[featured image via screengrab]

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