Hot Take: Scarborough Says He Kinda Liked That Trump U.N Speech


As the Cassandra’s of Blue Check Twitter competed over who could most breathlessly denounce Donald Trump’s first speech before the United States General Assembly, the cast over at Morning Joe had a different take — they kind of liked it.

JScar — fresh off a triumphant 10 year anniversary show — opened the show with a discussion of the address. While there was general agreement that phrases like “rocket man” were probably unhelpful, there was also wide agreement that Trump’s remarks reflected the mood of the electorate.

Scarborough said it could have been given by any number of conventional civil servants.

“This speech, minus the bombast, could have been written by Secretary Mattis, could have been written by General McMaster, could have been written by Ambassador Nikki Haley. There wasn’t the isolationism here. There was aa tip of the hat to the United Nations. There was a tip of the hat to the international community,” he said, adding, “It seems like a lot of headlines — at least online — were written before they actually heard the speech or digested the speech.”

I hate to break it to JScar, but with the exception of a sad desk lunch sandwich, all headlines online are written before anyone has digested anything.

Everyone on set was very gushy about David Ignatius’ Op-Ed on the matter, in which the WasPo lion admitted that he secretly found Trump’s “Rocket Man” taunt of Kim Jong Un “sort of funny” — but more importantly said that Trump’s comments were more-or-less conventional.

When you discount the rhetorical overkill, the most surprising thing about President Trump’s address to the United Nations on Tuesday was how conventional it was. He supported human rights and democracy; he opposed rogue regimes; he espoused a global community of strong, sovereign nations. Pretty shocking stuff.

“This is a speech — whether a lot of people in media like it or not — that most Americans would agree with. This is, if not an 80-20 speech, is at least a 60-40 speech,” Scarborough concluded.

We think that’s probably on the money.

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