House Freedom Caucus Will Support, But Not Formally Endorse Paul Ryan (UPDATED)


One of the House Republican caucuses that Paul Ryan said he wouldn’t run for Speaker without the support of may be voting on endorsing him tonight, and it doesn’t look too good. (UPDATES BELOW)

After lots of calls to get him to run, Ryan said yesterday he would be willing to run for Speaker with certain conditions. One of those conditions is that he gets the official backing of the moderate Tuesday Group, the Republican Study Committee, and the House Freedom Caucus.

But the House Freedom Caucus––the same group that fought Kevin McCarthy before he stepped out of the spotlight––isn’t exactly too keen on Ryan either. Congressman Raul Labrador called one of Ryan’s conditions on congressional procedure a “nonstarter.”

And he’s not the only caucus member with critical things to say. ThinkProgress picked up on some other statements members have made:

80 percent support is needed in the caucus to officially endorse Ryan, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to meet that threshold if they vote tonight:

Congressman Daniel Webster is a member of the caucus and its presumed favorite. Earlier today he was still touting their support of his Speaker bid.

UPDATE –– 7:25 pm EST: Despite earlier reports saying there would be a vote tonight, it’s not a 100 percent certainty:

And on top of that, there’s one leader in the caucus who told The Hill earlier that Ryan could have a “path” to getting their endorsement for Speaker.

UPDATE –– 7:52 pm EST: A possible positive sign:

UPDATE –– 8:04 pm EST: That super majority does not, however, guarantee the 80 percent support, and according to one report tonight Ryan came close but not quite all the way there:

UPDATE –– 8:07 pm EST: There will be no official endorsement of Ryan despite the majority support:

Basically, they voted to support him but not to endorse him.

UPDATE –– 9:22 pm EST: Ryan will move forward with his Speaker bid despite no official endorsement from the House Freedom Caucus. He released a statement tonight:

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